Put your hair in the hands of someone who wants the best for you and your naturally curly, kinky, coily, wavy, or relaxed hair!

Specialist In Growing Healthy Hair

At REVIVE! I specialize in promoting and maintaining natural hair growth. My approach to hair care is beneficial to any hair type so whether you love to sport your naturally kinky, curly, wavy or straight hair or even if you choose to chemically treat your hair, the foundation of healthy hair remains the same.

Let’s get back to healthy hair!

For Optimal hair growth and health we need to start at the root. At REVIVE! it’s not enough that I help to grow your hair, but I strive to help you grow healthy hair. Scalp care and root nutrition are not only the keys to hair that grows, but they are also the keys to hair that is healthy.

I cater to a clientele who wants a stylist that pays attention to their hair, its needs, and their own unique lifestyle. For this reason, I customize my hair treatments per client to strengthen the hair follicles, nourish the roots, and revitalize the scalp leading to natural hair rebirth.

Therapy for healthy scalp, hair and total wellness

Furthermore, at REVIVE! I offer our clients a salon environment that incorporates nature, aromatherapy, and massage to elevate and complete your hair spa experience

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Healthy Hair Care Specialist Since 1992

Natural Hair Care Specialist,
Tia Danielle

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I have specialized in helping clients care for and grow healthy hair since 1992 and have, strategically, done so in atmospheres where clients feel comfortable expressing themselves and their hair care concerns. My goal is for you to be confident and satisfied, not just with your hairstyle, but also with your hair health.

Highly Trained

With advanced training and certification from Dudley Cosmetology University and Vidal Sassoon Academy, I strive to be a master of my craft.

Curly Girl Friendly

I ensure that my hair care environment keeps up with the techniques and technology that promote healthy hair and I am constantly working on my own innovative techniques to push the boundaries of care, especially, for natural hair.

"Never underestimate the importance of your tresses because beautiful, healthy hair can absolutely change and improve one’s appearance and increase self-confidence."

   -Tia Danielle

Popular Hair Services

Temporarily straightens curly tresses with a thermal pressing comb and/or flat iron. When done correctly, this is not harmful to the hair.

Magnetic rollers used to curl your hair providing more curl and body lasting longer than other thermal styling procedures.

Included with each full service is my Replenish! treatment and steam conditioning. For more hair and scalp treats, see my services page.


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